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LESLIE "Yaw" Asamoa, CITO

My core function is in the implementation of enterprise architectures; a seasoned practitioner with 25 years of relevant industry experience.

Aimed at improving productivity through efficiency, customer interaction, value, and increasing management visibility.

As a a co-founder and the Chief Information and Technology Officer (CITO) of Data Mavens Ltd, we are emerging as a data centric technology company aimed at providing effective data management solutions at a cost advantage.

11 Years Contracting in Nokia, Finland

This experience has been priceless and here I capture my growth and journey.

Developing a Global Support Network

We are seeking Speakers from all over the world who will join us give inspiring talks on various topics relevant to today's challenges and opportunities.


Automation Solutions for Regulatory Reporting in Financial Institutions

Our experience offers us the knowledge and expertise to provide consultation one deploying automation in all level's of an enterprise. Here we focus on how a Financial Institution can level our services.


My Chance at Capturing Nature

I'd like to share some inspiring captures that I love to use in my web content.

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