Learning by Doing
Cloud Adoption is a Journey not a Destination

A 'short' Story about my own personal journey, if you care to indulge.

Today's greater dependence on Cloud isn't always matched by the right mix of skills within organisations.

As a result, some businesses have learned the hard way how to optimise their use of Cloud based services and the associated costs. Quite often, when organisations migrate to cloud, they assume they need to hire all new Cloud talent to make it happen. Although, existing talent can be up-skilled to help fill the gaps, training programs and technology need to be supported by updated processes that are more in line with the company's shift to cloud-first architecture.

With that in mind, 

Many companies are providing in-house training or paying for third-party or curated third-party programs. 


We have created a culture derived from our experience with open channels of communication.


We understand automation helps to eliminate repetitive manual work to yield repeatable processes, and create reliable systems.


We  are in continuous improvement, improving processes with every failure and adopting an experimental mindset. 


From development to deployment, we are focused on collecting performance metrics and service level agreements (SLAs).


We believe that the same people who build an application should be involved in shipping and running it, then rotating to gain full experience.


We support Systems thinking, Feedback, and Experimentation

This is what qualifies us to call ourselves an Agile company.

Learning by Doing
Leslie Asamoa 11 December, 2020
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