More About Our Core Team
Our Dynamic DM Team


Akwasi is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Data Mavens Ltd.

Akwasi is a banking executive with over a 13 years experience in both retail and international banking. In 2015 he embarked on his pursuit of private enterprise and co-founded Data Mavens Ltd.


Leslie is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Data Mavens Ltd. Leslie is a seasoned leader in the information management world, with 23 years of relevant industry experience.

"With 23+ years of relevant industry experience, I have focused on integrating and supporting best of breed business solutions comprising of in-house and 3rd party technology, with supporting strategy, standard policies and governance." 

"My roots are in data, and I am proficient with distilling and guiding implementations to support my client’s data and information management goals."

Why Data Mavens Ltd?

Business-Aware, Business-Driven, Data-Sensitive

Through our years of experience in the various business industries, the essential value of the functions of business has always relied on the data the business is producing and the data is is receiving into it's "feedback loop".

Data Mavens (DM) was created to be a business-aware company that can support our clients enhance their quest for value without compromising their essential business function and purpose.


Technology cannot be ignored in being successful, as such we at DM we seek to be the key instrumentation for Business-Driven solutions that are sensitive to the value of Data flowing IN and OUT of the functions that make a business valuable.


Our strategy is to grow through partnerships with technology experts with whom we can confidently deliver the desired solutions our clients demand.

More About Our Core Team
Leslie Asamoa 22 July, 2020
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